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Children's Aid Society is mandated to assist children in need of protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. This agency has grown into monster,  more intent on raising budget revenues, then assisting children. Often they submit false, misleading, and fabricated information to courts in order to obtain custody of a child or children. This often results in damage to or destruction of families.

Children's Aid Society primarily targets young single moms, minority moms, native mothers, parents on limited fixed incomes, virtually anyone that is less likely to be able to afford to fight back, and anyone that is easily tricked or threatened into doing CAS will.

Even when immediate family (grandparents, aunts and uncles) are available to take care of the children, CAS will make it next to impossible for them to get care of these children. This is because CAS doesn't make any money when family steps in to care for the children.

CAS will use a plethora of delay tactics, or hide behind confidentiality laws.

CAS is the single greatest exploiter of Parental Alienation, often CAS demands married couples separate or children will be seized or not returned.

The single most effective way of defending yourself and your family against CAS agencies and their workers is to record all of your contacts with CAS staff. In fact if you are targeted by CAS you should record all conversations with CAS workers, Police, lawyers, doctors, counselors, teachers and school staff, you do not have to inform anyone you are recording them in any conversation you have with them.  Is This Paranoid? no absolutely not it has been effective in 100% of the families I and good friends have helped combat lying CAS workers.

You have the right to take reasonable steps to protect yourself and your family from and harm or criminal acts. When CAS workers lie and they often do its a criminal act perpetrated on you and your family.

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